Sainte Chapelle | Cake Requiring Cathedral

Sainte Chapelle | Cake Requiring Cathedral

Aesum Image Saint Chapelle Source Wikimedia

I first heard or rather read about the Sainte Chapelle in Paris, France when I was traveling through Mexico and read Bill Bryson's book 'Neither Here Nor There' on his travels through Europe. How meta!

Now, I didn't particularly enjoy the book, I never finished it, but I did get some great ideas of things I wanted to visit. Sainte Chapelle was one of them.

Sainte Chapelle is placed in the middle of a huge complex im Paris named Palais de la Cité. I had some trouble finding it, as it never occurred to me that It might be hidden. When I finally found it, passed security and the big museum's shop, it was all worth the trouble.

This must have been one of the most densely ornate places I have ever had the honor of seeing. The high windows, full with biblical scenes are indescribable – also, because I honestly didn't understand half of the stories told.

I particularly loved the night blue ceiling with its thousands of stars. It pulled the windows together and gave the room a sense of perfection and unity. Even if you are not usually interested in religious art make sure you drop by – preferably right when it opens to avoid the touristic masses – you will not regret it. The colors, the depth and the complexity will make your head buzz in a good way.

Vegan Mocca Amaretto Cake Sainte Chapelle Paris Blog Post Aesum

I found myself in desperate need of some strengthening after this wonderful yet strenuous experience. I extended my chocolate cake antennae and was not disappointed. The cake that I had in a restaurant I can't recall, reminded me of one that I made when my mum just started showing me how to bake.

I made it again today, however I felt like being a good girl and switched the recipe up a bit. My version is vegan and more complex in flavor.

Here's what I added:
Flax seeds
Coconut Yogurt
Coconut Oil
Baking Powder

I obviously left out the butter and eggs from the original recipe.

Be sure not to bake it for too long, though it might need a little longer than the cake in the original recipe. 

It makes for a beautiful fluffy yet moist cake that goes well with berries – if they are in season, I had some frozen ones left over from last summer – whipped cream, oranges... You get the gist.

Since I never measure anything – cooking is about feeling and trusting your intuition, not about cups, grams or whatever – I will leave you with this. Happy baking!

Sainte Chapelle Image Credit: By Didier B (Sam67fr) (Own work) [CC BY-SA 2.5 (], via Wikimedia Commons

GIF & Cake Image: By myself

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