Zu Tisch | Römertopf & Lemons

Zu Tisch | Römertopf & Lemons

Gedeckter Tisch Essen Römertopf und Lemons

Here is what I cooked for our friends N and H, who came over a few days ago. We had a wonderful, indulgent dinner which warmed our stomachs and our hearts.


They came over about 2 hours before the actual dinner so we had some time to play Jass ( I will explain in my next post) and some other games, like we always do. I figured it would be nice to have something to nibble on while playing and since my homegrown thyme is all over the place focaccia was the logical choice to me. Find the recipe I used here.

I did it as the recipe states apart from using thyme instead of tomatoes or rosemary – and it was divine! Light, fluffy, crisp, rich in flavour ... we dipped it in some good quality olive oil. What a treat!


I made a ragout in my Römertopf. I just went ahead and did it which is why there is no exact recipe. But here is what I did:

° Marinate the cubed meat for 2 days in a mixture of red wine, balsamic vinegar, bay leaves, cloves, salt, pepper & sugar.
° 2.5 h before serving: take the meat out of the marinade, dust it with plenty of flour & brown in a hot pan.
° Add the leftover marinade, about the same amount of beef stock, vegetables of choice (I used onions, carrots, potatoes & parsnips), the browned meat, salt & pepper to the Römertopf
° Put it in the cold (!) oven, turn it to 200°C, and let it cook for about 2 hours.
The meat will be tender, slightly sour and beautifully flavorsome.

I served it with Bramata Polenta only cooked with water (some people like adding milk) for 45 minutes and seasoned with a little salt, beef stock & a generous amount of butter. Alltime favorite!


For dessert I made this beautifully simple Lemon Crème, recipe by my friend J. A success all the way through!

Keep in mind: The recipe states it is for 8 people. We devoured it in minutes and were only four. Bad news for your bikini bodies!

Recipe Lemon Cream Zitronen Creme
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